The Canadian Friend is the magazine of Canadian Yearly Meeting.

The Canadian Friend, 2020 Issue #1

Spring 2020Cover of The Canadian Friend, Spring 2020

Volume 116, Number 1

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Table of Contents



4          Letter from the Clerks: Cancellation of Yearly Meeting

5          Editorial by Timothy Kitz, Ottawa Monthly Meeting
            Poem: Reckoning by Rachel Yordy, Vancouver Monthly Meeting

6          “I’m glad reconciliation is dead” by Jesse Wente, Serpent River First Nation

7          Letter from Continuing Meeting of Ministry & Counsel

            AROUND THE FAMILY   

8          Ottawa Monthly Meeting’s Retreat by Carol Dixon, Ottawa Monthly Meeting

9          Coldstream Monthly Meeting’s  Young Friends Program by Pat Moauro

10        Young Friends’ Post-Boxing Day Gathering by Steve Ginley, Peterborough Monthly Meeting

            QUAKER EDUCATION    

12        Clerking a Quaker Meeting for Worship for Business by Beverly Shepard, Clerk of CYM

14        Tradition & Continuing Revelation, Part III: William Penn by Maida Follini, Halifax MM

19      What is Capitalism? by Robert Kirchner, Edmonton Monthly Meeting

25        Devastation as Faith by John Samson Fellows, Winnipeg Monthly Meeting

27        Friendly Fire Collective’s Dissolution Reflections

28        Walking the Wildlife Park by Joy Belle Conrad-Rice, Kamloops Worship Group


29        Baby Calla Haikus by Caroline Balderston Parry, Ottawa Monthly Meeting
            I Hope Greta Would Approve of Me Doing Nothing by Roger Davies, Halifax Monthly Meeting


30        The Role of Contributions Committee by Penni Burrell, Contributions Committee Clerk  

31        Rotary Peace Fellowships by Svetlana S. MacDonald, Coldstream Monthly Meeting
            Camp NeeKauNis Needs Your Help!

The Canadian Friend, 2019 Issue #3

Autumn 2019Cover of Canadian Friend 2019 Issue #3

Volume 115, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Around the Family  

4     Letters to the Editor

5     Yarmouth Monthly Meeting by Jane Zavitz
       Saanich Peninsula Monthly Meeting by Ro Fife

       Bloomfield Worship Group by Robert Horwood

6     St. Lawrence Area Regional Gathering by Sybil Grace, Ottawa Monthly Meeting

7     Atlantic Half-Yearly Meeting by Maida Follini & David Millar

8     A Report from Atlantic Friends Gathering in Poetry by Lucy Aphramor, Church Stretton, UK


10     An Overview of Canadian Yearly Meeting 2019 by Judith Brown, Tim Kitz, and Dawn Rolke

11     Cree Elder Betty Ross’ Welcome (Day 1 Reflection) by Caroline Balderston Parry, Ottawa

12     Babies in Worship & the SPG Lecture (Day 2 Reflection) by Sarah Owocki, Yonge Street

13     A “What-If-Minute” on Climate Urgency (Day 3 Reflection) by Colin Stuart, Ottawa

14     Hiroshima Day in Winnipeg (Day 4 Reflection) by Caroline Balderston Parry, Ottawa

         The Committee of Joy (Day 5 Reflection) by Jeffrey Dudiak, Edmonton Monthly Meeting

15     A Journal of Business Meeting (Day 6 Reflection) by Caroline Balderston Parry, Ottawa

17     How a Senior Introvert Survived CYM 2019 by Anne Trudell, Peterborough Monthly Meeting

18     The Cost of Colonialism, the Joy of Jubilee by Sheila Havard, Coldstream Monthly Meeting

20     Themes & Concerns from Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business by Sheila Havard

21     Creating an Abundant, Sustainable CYM by Penni Burrell, Contributions Committee Clerk

22     Excerpts from the 2019 Report of Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting

24     Gleanings from Canadian Yearly Meeting 2019


26     Quakers, Equality, and Capitalism (Part II) by John Samson Fellows, Winnipeg Monthly Meeting

30     Change and Transition in Canadian Yearly Meeting by Virginia Dawson, Yonge Street Meeting

31     Introduction to Quakers and Friends’ Ways from Education & Outreach Committee

32     “Brexit, the EU and You” by James M. Turner, Vancouver Monthly Meeting

35     Oneness by Jennifer Kavanagh, Westminster Meeting (Britain Yearly Meeting)

36     Being Love by Caileigh Morrison, Winnipeg Monthly Meeting

38     Finding Peace in Troubled Times by Jay O’Hara, Sandwich (Massachusetts) Monthly Meeting

39     Motion Picture by Sylvie Schellenberg, Hamilton Monthly Meeting

The Canadian Friend, 2013 Issue #2

May 2013

Volume 109, Number 2
Multi-faith / Inter-faith

In This Issue:

1 Sacred UniverseRoger Davies
2 EditorialSherryll-Jeanne Harris
4 Open Letter to FriendsMargaret Slavin
5 Sunderland P. Gardner LecturerCaroline Balderston Parry
5 CYM Bible StudyBen Pink Dandelion
6 The Flowers and the BeesKeith R. Maddock
7 Around the Family
8 I was a Teenage FundamentalistCatherine Novak
10 InsightBruce Sanguin
12 Multifaith Unity and the Great StoryGerald Harris
12 In the Beginning Mark Jokinen
15 ReportSybil Grace
16 Book ReviewEric Schiller
17 QBS
18 Interview with Charles TaylorDavid Summerhays
20 In Faith, Between Many Faiths?Ellen Pye
22 The Ecumenical ChallengeJohn Myhill
23 Report: Unity and Diversity
24 A True Christian DivinityWilliam H. Mueller
25 Are Quakers Christian?Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta
26 Notice Board
28 2012 Youth Challenge!
29 Yonge Street Half Yearly MeetingJean Claridge
30 Report on New Meetings ProjectMarilyn Manzer and Stephanie Deakin
31 WHYM 2012 Report
31 Last WordsDaphne Davey

The Canadian Friend, 2006 Issue #5

Portraits of Canadian Friends

Summer 2006
Volume 102, Number 5Cover of 2006 Issue 5

In This Issue:

4 Sarah Chandler –  Jesse Thompson
5 An Interview With Betty PetersonDonna Smyth
6 A Conversation With Betty PolsterCelia Cheatley
7 Gianne BroughtonGianne Broughton
8 Dana And Vernon MullenErik A Koe Nig-Sheridan
10 Friends In The FamilySue Starr
11 Maxine Kaufman-LacustaRose Marie Cipryk
12 Getting To Know Margaret Slavin – Carol Leigh Wehking
14 Connie Mungall’s Commitment To Every Living Thing – Joy Newall
15 The Inevitable Plea For Money
15 On This DayRoger Davies
17 Update On The Foxfell ProjectEd And Vivien Abbott
18 Reflections On MarriageRob Hughes
19 African Summer Workcamps 2007
20 Friends And Electronic MediaGale Wills
21 CYM Finance Committee And VOIP (“voice over internet
Adrian Dolling And Pauline Mckenzie
22 Thoughts On Running The Half-Marathon At The OutgamesNathalie Brunet
23 Canadian Yearly Meeting Listeners
24 Friends United Meeting ReportSigny Fridriksson
25 Epistle From Western Half-Yearly Meeting
25 Classified Advertisements
26 Around The Family
27 Be A Part Of The Canadian Friend
28 Credits, Upcoming Themes, And Deadlines

The Canadian Friend, 2006 Issue #4

October 2006

Volume 102, Number 4
Canadian Yearly Meeting 2006Cover of 2006 Issue 4

In This Issue:

2 From the Editor’s Desk
4 Experience of the Spirit in our livesMargaret Slavin
5 Returning, after a long time awayKelly Ackerman
6 The power of positive angerPhillippa Hajdu
7 My first Canadian Yearly MeetingFiona McMurran
8 CYM statement “Toward a culture of peace”
9 Déclaration des Quakers canadiens « Vers une culture de la paix »
10 Letter to government concerning the crisis in the Middle East
11 Bible study at Canadian Yearly MeetingDeborah Fisch
12 Canadian Yearly Meeting (CYM) Trustees and CYM fundsBarbara Horvath
13 Atlantic Yearly Meeting?
14 Quaker initiative to end torture (QUIT)Anne-Marie Zilliacus
18 Photos of Friends in Winnipeg: Canadian Yearly Meeting
20 PoetryE. Madeline Campbell, Bert Horwood, Muriel N. Bishop Summers
21 The big maze at Canadian Yearly MeetingPaul Barko, Ahren Klaassen-Wright, and Liam Watson Barber
22 Book reviewsDavid Millar, Bert Horwood, June-Etta Chenard
25 Quaker Book Service: newly arrived titles
26 The City of Remembrance (continued)Amy-Jean Singleton-Polster
28 Advertising (FWCC / TMM)
29 Report from Canadian Yearly Meeting archivesJane Zavitz-Bond
30 CYM national listeners for Adult and Young Friends
30 A report from Canadian Yearly Meeting’s food co-op
31 Susan Bax Fund Update
32 EcoPeace, EcoJustice and the Earth Charter: QEAN updateBill Curry
33 Some gleanings from 2006 Canadian Yearly Meeting in session
34 Around the Family
36 Credits, Upcoming Themes, and Deadlines