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2018-Jan-7 P&C Minutes: Email Transition, Contractor Liaisons Established, Invoicing Procedure

Publications and Communications Committee Meeting
January 7, 2018
via Google Hangouts

Present: Chris Hitchcock (clerk), Mary Conchelos, Mylène DiPenta, Robert Kirchner, Timothy Kitz, Maggie Knight, Kerry MacAdam, John Samson Fellows, Anne Trudell

2018.1.7.1. Introductions.

We opened with a period of silent worship, and introduced ourselves. Robert agreed to take minutes. We welcomed John Samson Fellows as the new clerk of the CQLS Subcommittee.

2018.1.7.2. Previous minutes.

The minutes from the October 13-14 meeting were approved.

2018.1.7.3 Plans for CYM 2018

Maggie will be liaising with Rachel Urban-Shipley about coordinating our work with the E&O Committee in preparation for CYM 2018.

2018.1.7.4. Transition of emails to Google for Non-Profits

Maggie’s report, which we received, is in the form of the following questions and proposals:


  1. Do Friends agree that we should encourage CYM roles and committees to have full accounts (which could be set up to forward to a personal address if desired), for the purpose of better institutional memory?
  2. Do Friends agree that CYM/PubComm should be open to continuing to provide email infrastructure to Camp NeeKauNis and to HYMs, MMs, and WGs if desired?
  3. To what extent do we want to prioritize transitioning emails ASAP to address deliverability issues vs taking time to clean up what addresses people actually want to have transitioned (thereby making the transition process more efficient and the resulting infrastructure potentially more accurate/useful)?
  4. Are Friends comfortable delegating decisions regarding email address format and laying down emails that are no longer needed to the Communications Reevaluations Subcommittee, with Maggie taking the lead on consulting with the relevant email address holders?

Proposed next steps:

  1. Provide an overview of the transition plan to CYM Clerks and staff, consult staff re their transition needs (particularly Kerry and Lorraine, who are currently using inboxes).
  2. Send out an overview of the transition plan and consult with CYM roles and committees regarding their email system; endeavour to find a common standard structure for committee email addresses.
  3. Send out an overview of the transition plan and consult with Half-Yearly Meetings, Monthly Meetings, Worship Groups, Camp NeeKauNis, and Young Friends regarding their email infrastructure / whether they want an email address transitioned to the new platform.
  4. Provide cleaned-up list of emails, groups, aliases, and forwarders to Bruce for implementation. Maggie has agreed to manage this transition, working with Bruce, in consultation with the Communications Reevaluation Subcommittee. We accept her offer with thanks. We support her suggestion to take a few weeks to clean up the email list, purging obsolete names, etc., before
    starting the switch to Google hosting.

2018.1.7.5. Canadian Quaker Learning Series

We receive the CQLS Report with thanks. We laid over approval of the CQLS Guidelines to our March meeting.

2018.1.7.6. Editorial Subcommittee report

We received the subcommittee’s report with thanks. We agreed to lay down an ‘internal rate’ for advertising in the Canadian Friend for CYM-affiliated bodies, as their copy is deemed editorial content rather than advertising, and as such, should not be charged at all. We laid over till our March meeting a decision as to the CF Editor’s (Tim’s) official title.

2018.1.7.7. Policy and Procedures Subcommittee

We received the subcommittee’s report with thanks. We accepted Mylène’s offer to serve as recording clerk for P&C with thanks. We approved P&P’s proposal for liaisons with contractors, to wit:

  1. The CF Editor (or whatever title we eventually adopt for Tim’s position) will continue to be supervised by the Editorial Subcommittee (with Mylène as liaison).
  2. The Web Hosting (Bruce Dienes) and WordPress Maintenance (Glen Newbury) contractors will be supervised by the Policy and Procedure Subcommittee (with Robert as liaison).
  3. To reduce the burden on the P&C Clerk, contractor invoices will henceforth be approved by the subcommittee that supervises the contract

Procedure for approving invoices:

  1. Contractor sends invoice to designated liaison
  2. The liaison reviews the invoice.
  3. If the work is routine and clearly corresponds to requests from the subcommittee, the liaison sends the invoice to the CYM Accountant for payment, copying P&C’s Clerk and Budget Officer for information. Otherwise, the liaison brings the invoice to the next subcommittee meeting for discernment.

2018.1.7.8. Quaker Book Service

Quaker Book Service is in the process of being laid down. We will revisit this issue at our March meeting to consider implications for P&C.

2018.1.7.9. Samuel Rogers Memorial Trust

The Samuel Rogers Memorial Trust funds have been awarded, as per our letter of application.

2018.1.7.10. Next scheduled meeting

March 4, 2018 at 7:30pm ET. The following meetings will be on May 6 and July 8. Please join the hangout 15 minutes early incase time is needed to resolve technical difficulties.Facebooktwittermail

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