The Canadian Friend, 2013 Issue #1

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March 2013

Volume 109, Number 1
Memories and Stories from Camp Nee Kau Nis

In This Issue:

2 Guest EditorialKris Wilson-Yang
4 The Greatest Birthday Party EverJenn Preston and Sarah Howe
5 NeeKauNis HymnWilliam H. Willson
6 Raising Children at Camp NeeKauNis Paul Sheardown
7 Poem Bev Shepard
7 Miller Family Camp 1976Edith Miller
8 Joys of Family CampBarbara Horvath
8 PoemBev Shepard
9 Camp StewardshipSylvia McMechan
10 My NeeKauNis SummerEllie Greenler
10 ReflectionMayra Flores Tavares
12 Photo Collage14 Notice Board
16 ThoughtsRebecca Ivanoff
16 Benefits of CYM at NeeKauNis
17 Quaker Book Service
18 Historical NotesJim Adamson
19 Dick’s Memories
20 Around the Family
22 Historical Notes
23 Refugee Weekend Ken and Rae Mavor
24 Planning for the FutureKris Wilson-Yang, George Ivanoff
25 CYM Trustee’s PerspectiveBarbara Horvath
25 Mission/Vision Statements
26 Last WordsRavi Joshi

Year: 2013
Issue 1