The Canadian Friend, 2022 Issue #1

Spring 2022

Volume 118, Number 1

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Table of Contents



Letter by Peter Harkness
Climate Collapse Epistle submitted by Carol Bradley


Hamilton Monthly Meeting by Beverly Shepard


Our Enduring Heritage: Yonge Street Friends Burial Ground by Evelyn Schmitz-Hertzberg


Gathering the ‘scattered communities’ in Covid times by Sue Nicholls


The Birds’ Luck by Carol Bowyer
Many Hands by Tim Alamenciak
Thoughts Relevant to Speaking Out of the Silence by K.R. Maddock


Photo from 1980s CYM sent by Virginia Dawson


11 Farewell to the CYM Food Co-Op by Sheila Havard
12 Photos from the 2005 CYM Food Co-Op by Donald Alexander
14 Reflections on Living Intentionally with Covid by Tony McQuail & Brent Bowyer
16 Listening to the Light: Absurdity or Mystery? by Bert Horwood
17 Thoughts on Modern Quakerism by Mark Jokinen
20 Queeries by Simon Daley
22 Letter on Gender & Respect by Emma McKay & Ada Bierling
23 Are you a Quaker without knowing it? Illustration by Steve Fick
24 Anguish and Hope in the Cradle of Faith by Paul R. Dekar
25 Right Relationships with Indigenous Peoples by Molly Forsythe
27 Welcoming a New Archivist by Archives Committee

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