The Canadian Friend, 2021 Issue #1

Winter 2021

Volume 117, Number 1

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Table of Contents



Peterborough Monthly Meeting: Zoo & Zoom Meetings by Martha Butler


Wooler Monthly Meeting by Dan Nelson,Wooler Monthly Meeting


6 Reconnecting with Western Half Yearly Meeting by Ro Fife, Saanich Peninsula Monthly Meeting


Upholding Far-Off Friends Just Got Easier by Abigail Maxwell, Britain Yearly Meeting



Tradition & Continuing Revelation: John Greenleaf Whittier by Maida Follini, Halifax MM


14 Apocalyptic Times by Eric Schiller, Ottawa Monthly Meeting

15 About Drifting Away from our Roots by Margaret Slavin, Peterborough Monthly Meeting

19 Reconsidering Simplicity by Bertha Small, Ottawa Monthly Meeting

20 Reaching for Reconciliation by Marilyn Keyes Roper, New Brunswick Monthly Meeting

22 Who is God, Anyway? by Beverly Shepard, Hamilton Monthly Meeting

24 A Summer of Diminished Joys by Kate Baggott, Pelham Executive Meeting

26 Reflections on a Pure Principle by Bert Horwood, Thousand Islands Monthly Meeting

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