The Canadian Friend, 2020 Issue #2

Summer 2020Cover of the Canadian Friend Cover 2020 Issue #2

Volume 116, Number 2

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Table of Contents


4          Letter on capitalism
            by Maida Follini, Halifax Monthly Meeting

5          Memorial Minute for Marguerite (Clarke) Gayfer, Saanich Peninsula Monthly Meeting
            Friends at Vancouver Climate Strike by Gayle Raphanel, Vancouver Monthly Meeting

6          Reflections on the Ad Hoc Committee on Financial Sustainability by Rachel Yordy

8         Report from the Atlantic Friends Gathering Program Planning Committee
            by Jocelyne Tranquilla, Halifax Monthly Meeting
            St. Lawrence Regional Gathering, June 2020 by Bert Horwood, Thousand Islands MM


9          Tradition & Continuing Revelation: Elias Hicks – A Plain Quaker with Progressive Theology
                        by Maida Follini, Halifax Monthly Meeting


14        A Parable for Our Times by Brent Bowyer, Kitchener Monthly Meeting

15        Poem: Out of Syria by Carol Leigh Wehking, Hamilton Monthly Meeting

16        A Cancelled Meeting Reflection by Bert Horwood, Thousand Islands Monthly Meeting

17        COVID-19 and Relationships with our Nonhuman Neighbours by Lydia Wong, Ottawa MM

21        Reconciliation Queries by Canadian Friends Service Committee

22        Seeking Right Relationships by Judith Brown, Ottawa Monthly Meeting

23        Poem: Cyber Ode to Rumi by Keith Maddock, Toronto Monthly Meeting
            A Note from your Editor by Timothy Kitz, Ottawa Monthly Meeting