The Canadian Friend, 2020 Issue #1

Spring 2020Cover of The Canadian Friend, Spring 2020

Volume 116, Number 1

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Table of Contents



4          Letter from the Clerks: Cancellation of Yearly Meeting

5          Editorial by Timothy Kitz, Ottawa Monthly Meeting
            Poem: Reckoning by Rachel Yordy, Vancouver Monthly Meeting

6          “I’m glad reconciliation is dead” by Jesse Wente, Serpent River First Nation

7          Letter from Continuing Meeting of Ministry & Counsel

            AROUND THE FAMILY   

8          Ottawa Monthly Meeting’s Retreat by Carol Dixon, Ottawa Monthly Meeting

9          Coldstream Monthly Meeting’s  Young Friends Program by Pat Moauro

10        Young Friends’ Post-Boxing Day Gathering by Steve Ginley, Peterborough Monthly Meeting

            QUAKER EDUCATION    

12        Clerking a Quaker Meeting for Worship for Business by Beverly Shepard, Clerk of CYM

14        Tradition & Continuing Revelation, Part III: William Penn by Maida Follini, Halifax MM

19      What is Capitalism? by Robert Kirchner, Edmonton Monthly Meeting

25        Devastation as Faith by John Samson Fellows, Winnipeg Monthly Meeting

27        Friendly Fire Collective’s Dissolution Reflections

28        Walking the Wildlife Park by Joy Belle Conrad-Rice, Kamloops Worship Group


29        Baby Calla Haikus by Caroline Balderston Parry, Ottawa Monthly Meeting
            I Hope Greta Would Approve of Me Doing Nothing by Roger Davies, Halifax Monthly Meeting


30        The Role of Contributions Committee by Penni Burrell, Contributions Committee Clerk  

31        Rotary Peace Fellowships by Svetlana S. MacDonald, Coldstream Monthly Meeting
            Camp NeeKauNis Needs Your Help!