The Canadian Friend, 2019 Issue #2

Summer 2019

Volume 115, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Around the Family  

4 Letter to the Editor by David Sturge Artiss, St. John’s Worship Group

5 Archives Corner by Jane Zavitz, Archivist Emeritus

6 Getting to Know Your QIRC by the Quaker Indigenous Rights Committee

8 News from Yarmouth Monthly Meeting by Jane Zavitz


9 Tradition & Continuing Revelation (Part II): Robert Barclay’s Defense of Quakerism
by Maida Follini, Halifax Monthly Meeting

12 Look Upon Our Treasures: Quakers, Equality, and Capitalism (Part I)
by John Samson Fellows, Winnipeg Monthly Meeting

16 The Oldest Meeting House in Canada, by Maida Follini, Halifax Monthly Meeting


18 Money and the Common Good by Pamela Haines, Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting

19 Poem: Daisies by Beverly Shepard, Hamilton Monthly Meeting

20 Exploring Eldership by Kirsten Ebsen, Vancouver Monthly Meeting

22 Building a Vision One School at a Time by Heather Haas Barclay, Coldstream Monthly Meeting

24 Writing a Peace Book by Matthew Legge, Peace Program Coordinator, CFSC

26 Deepening My Relationship with Spirit by Penni Burrell, Annapolis Valley Monthly Meeting

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