The Canadian Friend, 2019 Issue #1

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Volume 115, Number 1

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Table of Contents

        Around the Family  

3     Coldstream Monthly Meeting by Sheila Havard
       Ottawa Monthly Meeting by Carol Dixon

4     Hamilton Monthly Meeting by Beverly Shepard

5     Kitchener Area Monthly Meeting by Daniel Allen
       Toronto Monthly Meeting by Elizabeth Block

6     PEI Allowed Meeting by Daphne Davey
       New Worship Group of Yarmouth Monthly Meeting by Kerrie Gill


6     Warning: Poetry Ahead by Charles Follini, Halifax Monthly Meeting

         Quaker history

7     Tradition & Continuing Revelation: George Fox & the Birth of the Quaker Movement
       by Maida Follini, Halifax Monthly Meeting

10    A Pilgrimage in Fox’s Footsteps by Sheila Havard, Coldstream MM

12    Archives Corner by Joyce Howerda


13    To believe in God? by Eric Schiller, Ottawa Monthly Meeting

14    The Poetry of Prison Visiting by Keith R. Maddock, Toronto Monthly Meeting

16    A Song for Home by Beverly Shepard, Hamilton Monthly Meeting

17    How Good Could Business Meeting Be? by David Cheatley


18    Representative Meeting, November 2018 by David Summerhays, Montreal Monthly Meeting

20    “How should I support CYM?” by Contributions Committee

21    Monteverde Friends School by Kenna Manos, Monteverde Monthly Meeting

22    The Inaugural Meeting of Atlantic Half-Yearly Meeting by Ellen Helmuth

23    Western Half Yearly Meeting Epistle
Now Online: Three Talks on Religion & Quakerism

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