The Canadian Friend, 2018 Issue #3

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Canadian Yearly Meeting 2018

Autumn 2018
Volume 114, Number 3

Table of Contents


3 In Praise of Plain Writing, Susan Tucker


4 An Editing Manifesto, Tim Kitz


5 Tribute to Frank Showler, Keith Maddock
   Yonge Street Half-Yearly Meeting, Keith Maddock
6 Atlantic Friends Gathering, Maida Follini
7 Great Lakes-St. Lawrence RG, David Millar
9 Communities Coming Together for Reconciliation, Barb Everdene
11 The General Gathering of Conservative Friends, David Raymond
     Poem: Amidst the sea, Celso Mendoza
12 Archives Corner, Sylvia Powers
     Poem: Goshen Friends Meeting, Caroline Balderston Parry
13  Meet a Friend: Bertha Small, Linda Taffs


16 A Touching Welcome, Sheila Havard
     Reconciliation and Faith, Sheila Havard
18 Business Meeting Blues, David Cheatley
19 Examining Liberal  Quaker Principles With Arthur M. Larrabee, Pat Moauro & Sheila Havard
20 No Wrong Turns Possible: The Labyrinth at CYM, Beverly Shepard
21 A Fly on the Wall: How it feels to follow Yearly Meeting remotely, Bert Horwood
23 Camp NeeKauNis and Family Night
24 Reflections During Yearly Meeting, Jane Zavitz-Bond
25 Gleanings from Canadian Yearly Meeting 2018


29 Canadian Quakers and the Birth of the World Council  of Churches, Anne Mitchell
31 The  World Council of Churches Meeting & Anniversary Celebrations, Anne Mitchell
32 Poem: Tombeau, Kenna Manos
33 Tears, Love, & Laughter Whilst Travelling in the  Ministry, Sylvia Sanderson and Bill Shaw
34 Silver Wattle Quaker Centre, Brendan Caulfield-James


34 Mother Earth & Mythology, Eric Schiller
37 The Faces of Present-Day Persecution: Meeting Turkish Hizmet Refugees, David Kitz
40 A Straight Line in 5 Parts: Written at the CYM Retreat, Margaret Slavin
41 Because I Love You, Don Vipond

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