The Canadian Friend, 2018 Issue #2

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Summer 2018
Volume 114, Number 2

Table of Contents


3 Quaker Study on Palestine/Israel, Nonviolence, and F/friends, Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta

Around the Family

4 Calgary Monthly Meeting
5 Coldstream Monthly Meeting
6 Interior BC Monthly Meeting
Hamilton Monthly Meeting
7 Montreal Monthly Meeting
Vancouver Island Monthly Meeting
8 Peterborough Monthly Meeting
9 Winnipeg Monthly Meeting

Reports & Reflections

10 Grounded in Spirit: Ottawa Monthly Meeting’s 2018 Retreat, Caroline Balderston Parry
12 The Perfect Accident of the Gathering, Alison Braithwaite
13  Reflections on Quaker Process  & Community at a Gathering, Rose Marie Cipryk

Fun & Games

14  Surprising Uses of the Word ‘Quaker,’ Timothy Kitz


15 Flying First Class, Brent Bowyer


17 Donate to Canadian Yearly Meeting
18 Canadian Yearly Meeting 2018 Schedule­

Reflections & Concerns

19  Polarization is a Real Challenge, But Not An Insurmountable One, Matthew Legge
21 Synthetic Biology in Context: A note of retirement, thanks, & details of interest, Fred Bass
22 No Infallible Directions, Margaret Slavin
24 The Positive Side of Polarization, Timothy Kitz
29 Reports Worth (Re-)Reading: Christianity and Canadian Quakers


33 Two Poems, Keith Maddock
34 A Sudden Summer Rain, Gerald Bosacker


34 Call for Submissions, Caption Contest