The Canadian Friend, 2018 Issue #1

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Winter 2018
Volume 114, Number 1

Table of Contents

Cover of 2018 Issue #1

3 Editor’s Note
5 Volunteer Job Description, Child & Youth Coordinator, Program Committee, Canadian Yearly Meeting

Around the Family

6 Ottawa Monthly Meeting
7 Meet a Quaker: Cameron Fraser
11 Love and Friendship from the Canadian Prairie, Carol Dixon


12 Saint Lawrence Regional Gathering Considers Basic Guaranteed Income, Sybil Grace and Eric Schiller
13 A Bit of Basic Income History, Timothy Kitz
14 Basic Income Quells Spirit, Claire Adamson
15 Yonge Street Half Yearly Meeting, Barbara Horvath
     Engagement Not Essentialism: Three Talks on Religion by Jeff Dudiak, Sheila Havard
17 Representative Meeting Report, Michael Pedruski
18 Reflections on the National Justice Symposium, Michael Pedruski
19 Quaker Study 2017: Palestine-Israel, Nonviolence, and F/friends, Sheila Havard
     Finding the Courage to Take Action, Laura-Lee Robertson
21 Suggested Resources on Palestine-Israel from the 2017 Quaker Study, Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta
     A Compilation of Canadian Yearly Meeting Minutes on Palestine-Israel


25 Electronic Surveillance & Open-Source Alternatives, Robert Kirchner
     Looking to the Light in the Online World, Publications & Communications Committe
31 Canada Day 2017 & Reconciliation, Tony McQuail
     Unsettling Canada 150, Arthur Manuel

Book & Reviews

33 Glimpsing Indigenous Wisdom With Rupert Ross, Tony McQuail
34 A Review of Jodi Picoult’s Small Great Things, Dick Preston
35 An Answer to a Prayer, Joy Belle Conrad-Rice


36 “You Are Like a Stradivarius Violin,” Angela Harper
38 Schizophrenia and Theology, Robert Dole
40 Two Poems, Gerald Bosacker


41 Living in Community: Contributing to Canadian Yearly Meeting, Penni Burrell
     Donation Form, Canadian Yearly Meeting
43 Pre-CYM Gathering For Young Friends & Young Adult Friends, Retreat Organizing Committee
45 Quaker Book Service Laid Down
     Faith & Practice Mail Order Form
46 Call For Submissions
     Caption Contest