The Canadian Friend, 2017 Issue #1

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Winter 2017

Volume 113, Number 1
Around the Family, Poems, Quaker Gatherings, Book Reviews, Around the Country, Thoughts & Reflections, Justice Concerns

Cover of 2017 Issue #1In This Issue

1 Editorial


5 Three asks, Maggie Knight
6   A delegate’s report, Kris Wilson-Yang
8  Queries for reflection from LGBTQ+ gathering, Beverly Shepard
9 Western Half-Yearly Meeting Fall 2016, Barb Heather
10  Poems: “Warship, misheard” and “Unfathom,” Adrienne Macdonald
11 Younge St. Half-Yearly Meeting, Paul Dekar & Glenna Janzen
12 Canadian Young Friends and Young Adult Friends Gathering 2017
13 CYM Representative Meeting, David Millar
14 From an annoyed representative, Laureen van Lierop
15  Clerk’s highlights, Representative Meeting , Nancy McInnes
16 Invitation from New York MM
17 CYM Quaker Studies 2017


18 Coldstream Monthly Meeting
     Interior British Columbia Monthly Meeting
     Montreal Monthly Meeting
     Ottawa Monthly Meeting
19  Younge Street Monthly Meeting


22 The Lost Dream Revived, Daphne Davey
23  Poem: Conquest, Adrienne Macdonald
23  Reflections on the Riverbank, Sheila Havard
24 World Quaker Day Sparks Public Interest, Mylène DiPenta
25 Honouring the History of Quakers in New Brunswick, Ellen Helmuth
27 Quakers Against Hate Crimes, Steve Fick
29 A Visit to Argenta Meeting, Kirsten Ebsen


30 Letter from Continuing Meeting of Ministry and Counsel
32 Reflections on Vocal Ministry, Ottawa Monthly Meeting
34  Poem: Carolina Locust, Beverly Shepard
35 Canadian Faith & Practice Study Guide, Marjory Reitsma-Street
36 Archive News, Joyce Holwerda


37 2016 at CFSC, Matthew Legge
38 KAIROS response to federal government on pipeline projects
40  Quaker peace testimony development, Carol Dixon
42 The Greening of Dzaleka, David Millar
44 QUNO launches briefing for Friends on new developments at the UN for protection of refugees and migrants
45 Factsheet: United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
46 BOOK REVIEW – Face to Face: Early Quaker Encounters with the Bible, Leona Crabb


48 Why I identify as a Christian, Maida Follini
49 Who am I too…? William H. Mueller
50 A sojourn at Pendle Hill, Arwen Brenneman
53 Ocean of darkness and death – A negative metaphor? LLynne Phillips
55 Quaker Activist, Companionist and other tribes within one Community or Nation, Dennis Cressman
57 Our disconnect from money, Sheila Havard

Year: 2017
Issue 1