The Canadian Friend, 2016 Issue #1

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Spring/Summer 2016

Volume 112, Number 1
Quaker Gatherings • Around the Family • Poems  • Thoughts & Reflections • Young Friend Updates • Stories

In This Issue


2 From the Editor
3 From Publications and Communications Committee

CYM Gatherings 2015

5 On communication
7 Workshop for recording clerks, Ellen Helmuth
   Poem, Beverly Shepard
8 A call for discernment
9 Representative Meeting 2015
10 Representative Meeting Reflections


13 Journeying in the inbetween, Christina Tellez
15 Onions and sisters, Christina Tellez
     Indian summer, Anne Trudell
16 On wind, Rebecca Higgins
17 I am waiting, Anne Trudell
18 How I learned to organize, Sybil Grace
19 Dancing with a Ghost book review, Peter Harkness

Around the Family

20 Coldstream Monthly Meeting
      Hamilton Monthly Meeting
21 Montreal Monthly Meeting
     New Brunswick Monthly Meeting
22 Ottawa Monthly Meeting
      Peterborough Monthly Meeting
23 Vancouver Island Monthly Meeting
      Yonge Street Monthly Meeting

Young Friends

24 Christina Tellez – An update
26 Jaya Karsemeyer Bone – An update
     Rachel Urban Shipley – An update
28 Young Adult Friend Conference at Pendle Hill, June 2016

Quaker Gatherings

29 Saint Lawrence Regional Gathering, Fall 2015
     Western Half-Yearly Meeting 2015
30 Yonge Street Half-Yearly Meeting, Fall 2015

Thoughts – Reflections

31 Mystics as activists, Lynne Phillips
33 Service delivery with a Quaker base, Bernard Indire Lavussa
35 2015 –The UN Year of the Soil, Jane Zavitz-Bond
36 Is violence innate in humans? William H. Mueller
38 Quakers striving for consistency of purpose, Peter G. Kevan

Quaker Matters

40 CQLS Editorial Board call
42  Post-election update from CFSC, Rachel Singleton-Polster
43 Betty Peterson honoured at Mt. St. Vincent University, Maida Follini
44 Wooler Monthly Meeting celebrates 200 years, Sheila Havard
45 CYM Archives report, Jane Zavitz-Bond
46 Canadian Friend Editor job ad

Year: 2016
Issue 1