The Canadian Friend, 2015 Issue #1

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Spring/Cover to 2015 issue #1Summer 2015

Volume 111, Number 1

In This Issue

1 Cover Photo by Brent Bil
2 Editorials
4 Letters
5 The Gritty Side of Gratitude, Bert Horwood
6 Canadian Yearly Meeting
10 Gratitude: A Spiritual Path, Steve Fick
12 The Euphoria of Being In The Zone, Joy Conrad Rice
13 Practices of Gratitude for the Earth, Interfaith Coalition for Climate Justice
14 Highlights from Quaker Book Service
15 Tweeting the Truth: Ani Orchanian-Cheff
16 Sojourn at Pendle Hill, Vince Zalazny
19 Around the Family
20 Representative Meeting Report, Beverly Shepard
21 Youth and Militarism Conference
22 Photos for Canadian Yearly Meeting
23 Last Words, Kenna Manos

Year: 2015
Issue 1