The Canadian Friend, 2014 Issue #3

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Canadian Yearly Meeting, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Fall 2014
Volume 110, Number 3

Cover of 2014 Issue #3In This Issue

1 Cover Photo by David Cheatley: The Labyrinth and Wesley Glebe
2 Editorial
4 Letters
6 Sunderland P. Gardner, excerpted, Dale Dewar and Bill Curry
8 Highlights from Quaker Study, Mark Burch
10 Response, Stephanie Deakin
     Thoughts on CYM, Matthew Legge
12 Treaty Relations Commission, Elaine Bishop
Reflection, Gini Smith
13 Lesson in Quaker Process, Sheila Havard
14 Excerpts from Business Meeting
15 Consider This, Margaret Slavin
15 Report: World Council of Churches
15 First Timer’s Reflection, Othmar F. Arnold
Excerpts from Business Meeting
16 Some Gleanings
17 Reflections, Bertha Small
18 Quaker Book Service
19 Sacred Universe, Peggy Hope-Simpson
20 Photo Collage
21 Opinion on Rituals, David Summerhays
23 The Lesson of Secret Friend, Theresa Dunn
24 Around The Family
26 Guest Writer: Brent Bill
27 Last Words, Bill Curry and Liz Earley

Year: 2014
Issue 3