The Canadian Friend, 2014 Issue #1

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March 2014

Volume 110, Number 1
Considering Health & Wholeness

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1 Cover Photo: Ed and Vivian Abbott

4 Editorial

5 Letters to the Editor

6 Clerks’ Corner
   Susan Stevenson

7 Letter from Publications Committee
   Carol Bradley

8 A Guided Meditation…
   Laureen van Lierop

12 I Am Not Cancer
   Marjory Reitsma–Street

14 Book Review
    Jerry Peterson

14 Poem
     Nancy Comeaux

15 Quaker Book Service

16 Mental Health in our Meetings
    Isobel Lane

17 Poem
    Winifred Rawlins

19 Thoughts
     Brent Bowyer

20 Report
     Tim Bartoo

22 Fragrance
     Dorothy Parshall

22 Around the Family

24 About QIRC
     Don Alexander

25 Around the Family

26 Book Review
     Keith R. Maddock

26 Archivist’s Corner
     Jane Zavitz-Bond

27 Couple Enrichment
     Signy Fridriksson

28 Web Editor Needed

29 Healing Touch
     Joy Belle Conrad–Rice

30 Synthetic Biology to the Rescue!
     Fred Bass

31 Last Words
     Othmar F. Arnold

Year: 2014
Issue 1