The Canadian Friend, 2013 Issue #5

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December 2013

Volume 114, Number 2
Quaker Thought / Quaker Thoughtfulness

In This Issue

1 Cover Photo
   John Dixon

2 Editorial
    Sherryll-Jeanne Harris

4 Reader Response
   Claire Winetraub

   Keith Maddock

5 Outreach
   Jo Vellacott

6 Guest Writer
   Vail Palmer

8 Walking on Both Sides
   Dan Poisson

9 Book Review: Quakering Theology
   Eleazer D. Durfee

10 Invisible World of Spirit
     Maida Follini

13 St. Lawrence Regional Gathering
      Bert Horwood

15 Notice Board

16 Reports

17 Archivist’s Corner
      Jane Zavitz-Bond

      The Lost Treasure
      Sarah Chandler

19 Quaker Book Service

20 Book Review: Quaker Pantheism…
      John Scull

21 Book Review: Essence of George Fox
      Arnold Ranneris

22 Around the Family

24 Blanket Exercise on Manitoulin
      Jane MacKay Wright

26 Bigger Than Game for Huron Man
      Karen Melady

27 Last Words
      Dorothy Parshall

28 Food Coop Needs You!

Year: 2013
Issue 5