The Canadian Friend, 2013 Issue #4

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Cover of 2013 Issue 4October 2013

Volume 109, Number 4
Canadian Yearly Meeting – Kemptville, Ontario
Reflections & Meditations

In This Issue

2 Editorial
   Sherryll Harris

4 Response to Sunderland P. G. Lecture
   Eric J. Schiller

   Caroline Balderston Perry

5 Reclaiming a Prophetic Voice
   Ben Pink Dandelion

6 The Absolute “for sure”
Bert Horwood

7 Reflection
   Sophie Quest

8 Our Business
   Nancy McInnis

8 A Better Way
   Jo Vellacott

9 The Words We Use
   Ellen Pye

9 A Question of Truth?
   Kris Wilson-Yang

10 Reflections:
    Julie Robinson, Nathalie Brunet, M. Slavin

11 Reflections:
    Anne Trudell, Christine Tansley, Jennifer Klaassen-Wright, Kenna Manos

12 Photos

14 What Stands Out
    David Summerhays

15 Diversity in Quaker Faith and Practice
     Dave Newlands

16 Book Reviews
     Dick and Betty Preston
     Ellen Pye

17 QBS

18 Around the Family

19 Special Interest Groups noted

20 My First Time at Yearly Meeting
     Matthew Legge

21 Guest Writer
     Rae Lawrence

21 Excerpt from CYM Threshing Session

24 Kairos Report
     Jennifer Henry

25 Report on Quaker Aboriginal Affairs
     Don Alexander

26 Notice Board

26 Gleanings

28 Guest Writer
     Laura J. Rediehs

29 Reflections:
     Mel Early, Patty Lembke, Arnold Ranneris

29 Memories from the Archivist
     Jane Zavitz-Bond

31 Last Words
     Tony McQuail

31 Closing Minute [excerpt]

32 December Theme and Deadline

Year: 2013