The Canadian Friend, 2012 Issue #5

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December 2012

Volume 108, Number 5
A Good Myth / Good Books / Spiritual Concerns

In This Issue

2 EditorialSherryll Harris
4 Letters to the Editor
4 Message from the Clerk of PUBCOMCarol Bradley
5 Bible StudyDick Preston
8 Book ReviewStephany Evans
9 Book ReviewNatalie Swayze
9 Book ReviewKoozma J. Tarasoff
10 Ideas of the DivineMichael Miller
12 Unknown Impacts of Seed PoliciesCaroline Dommen
13 Doctors Without Borders in ChadOthmar F. Arnold
14 Notice Board
16 Book ReviewCarol Nicholson
17 Book ReviewsJoyce Holwerda
18 Directory for Traveling FriendsBrent Boyer
19 CFSC WelcomeJane Orion Smith
20 Commentary on EcologyPeter Kevan
21 Montreal Degrowth ConferenceEric Schiller and Keith Helmuth
22 Life is OddRod Packwood
23 Dreaming Quaker MeetingDiana L. Mitchell
24 Around the Family
26 Memorial Minute
27 Remembering Gordon HirabayashiPatti Hartnagel
28 Quaker Book Service
29 Concern: doing better with emailSusan Stevenson
30 Camp NeeKauNis ad page
31 PoemCaroline Balderston Parry
31 Last WordsEllen Pye

Year: 2012