The Canadian Friend, 2012 Issue #3

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Youth Issue: Hopes and Memories

In This Issue:
2 Guest EditorialKatrina McQuail
4 Reaching OutSherryll Harris
5 ConcernPeter Stevenson
6 Queries re Communication
6 Working for QuakersKatrina McQuail
7 Roped Into QuakersAdam Newlands
8 Treat Earth as a Loved OneAmy Savage
9 Kabarak Call for Peace and Justice
10 OpinionMatthew Webb
11 Peace NewsKoozma J. Tarasoff
12 War Resisters International... – Christel Le Blanc
13 Quaker Youth of the 1940sKathleen Brookhouse
14 Quaker Youth of the 1960sNancy McInnes and Sylvia McMechan
15 Flower Power MemoriesEvelyn Schmitz-Hertzberg
16 Youth of the 1970s in Argenta BCPeter Schramm
18 Experiences with Friends in KenyaJessica Klaassen-Wright
20 Spiritual JourneyingJonathan Roche
20 Long Dark Night JourneyCarmen Spagnola
22 Voice of a Quaker UN YouthSteven Heywood
23 Letter from BoliviaChristina Tellez
24 Youth Speaks for CFSCLee Webb
26 Quaker Book Service
28 Age Is Not a FactorGabrielle Savory Bailey
29 PoemJulie Robinson
30 Short Story: A HeroNatalie LoSole-Stringer
31 Youth Epistle of WHYM
32 Around the Family
34 My Lucky Number FiveHolly Joy Harris
35 Healing TouchGilda Shannon
35 Last WordsJohn Muller

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