The Canadian Friend, 2012 Issue #3

July 2012

Volume 108, Number 3
Youth Issue: Hopes and Memories

In This Issue

2 Guest EditorialKatrina McQuail
4 Reaching OutSherryll Harris
5 ConcernPeter Stevenson
6 Queries re Communication
6 Working for QuakersKatrina McQuail
7 Roped Into QuakersAdam Newlands
8 Treat Earth as a Loved OneAmy Savage
9 Kabarak Call for Peace and Justice
10 OpinionMatthew Webb
11 Peace NewsKoozma J. Tarasoff
12 War Resisters InternationalChristel Le Blanc
13 Quaker Youth of the 1940sKathleen Brookhouse
14 Quaker Youth of the 1960sNancy McInnes and Sylvia McMechan
15 Flower Power MemoriesEvelyn Schmitz-Hertzberg
16 Youth of the 1970s in Argenta BCPeter Schramm
18 Experiences with Friends in KenyaJessica Klaassen-Wright
20 Spiritual JourneyingJonathan Roche
20 Long Dark Night JourneyCarmen Spagnola
22 Voice of a Quaker UN YouthSteven Heywood
23 Letter from BoliviaChristina Tellez
24 Youth Speaks for CFSCLee Webb
26 Quaker Book Service
28 Age Is Not a FactorGabrielle Savory Bailey
29 PoemJulie Robinson
30 Short Story: A HeroNatalie LoSole-Stringer
31 Youth Epistle of WHYM
32 Around the Family
34 My Lucky Number FiveHolly Joy Harris
35 Healing TouchGilda Shannon
35 Last WordsJohn Muller