The Canadian Friend, 2010 Issue #4

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Fall 2010

Volume 106, Number 4
Reflections on CYMCover of 2010 Issue 4

In This Issue:


2 Editor’s Corner
4 Letters to the Editor
5 Readers Respond
7 Readings from CYM
8 Berith: Covenant and CrisisBert Horwood
9 Query # 4Ellen Pye
10 ReflectionDavid Greenfield
11 Perspective: Quaker Bible StudyJon Karesmeyer
12 Reflections on the CovenantCarol Dixon
12 What Dost Thou Say?Barbara Horvath
13 Minute 79: Justice is Possible
14 The Threshing SessionMargot Overington
15 What Dost Thou Say?Robert Kirchner
16 Challenges for Australia YMElizabeth Kwan
17 What Dost Thou Say?Lynne Phillips, Lesley Read, Jacquie Smith
18 Photo Spread
19 What Dost Thou Say?Rob Hughes, Anne Mitchell, Jennifer Preston, Dan Cooperstock, Susan Stevenson, Patty Lembke, Kate Johnson, Caroline Foster, Joyce Holwerda, Adrian Bishop, Gail Harwood, Lana Robinson, Molly Walsh, Sylvia Powers
23 DiscoveryDaniel von Schulmann
23 First Ministered To by Young FriendsMarilyn Church
24 One Youth’s Joy and FrustrationBen Segel-Brown
25 Interviews with Friends
26 The S.P. Gardiner LectureAdrian Dolling, Arnold Ranneris
27 Fruits of Silence RetreatLetter from Deborah Fisch
28 What Dost Thou Say?Orion Smith, Tasmin Rajotte
29 Book ReviewMichael Lee Zwiers
30 Film ReviewLaurel Dee Gugler
31 Quaker Book Service
32 Ads – Notices – Gleanings
33 Awkward QuestionBert Horwood
33 Around The Family
35 The Quacker
35 Last WordsJo Vellacott

Year: 2010
Issue 4