The Canadian Friend, 2010 Issue #3

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Cover of 2010 Issue 3Summer 2018

Volume 114, Number 2
Young Friends Issue

In This Issue:


2 Editor’s Corner
4 Letters to the Editor
5 Where My Heart IsElen Cheately
6 How Does God Find and Touch You?Flynn Dixon Murdock
6 When I Attend Quaker MeetingMax Dixon Murdock
7 Dot – To – DotKeava McKeogh
7 The Blessing of Prayer In My LifeJosé Luis Cuellar Avalos
8 PoemKit Wilson-Yang
8 Poem – Christopher Bowyer
9 A Walk With ElizabethJessica Klaassen-Wright
10 Reflections on a Quaker ChildhoodLiv Henry
11 World ConsultationNat Egan-Pimblet
12 The QUIP ExperienceSherryll-Jeanne Harris
13 Young Friends Epistle
14 I Think I Have a Crush on JesusStephanie Speicher
16 We Are Struggling to Find Out…Leonard Sshivage
16 Book ReviewArnold Ranneris
17 Quaker Book Service
18 WorshipKatrina McQuail
19 Invite Your Body to WorshipJaya Karsemeyer
20 Ruffing Our Feathers Can Help Us…Maggie Knight
21 Archive Gleanings
22 Confessions of a Quaker GangstaAsa Fager
24 ReportBen Segel-Brown
25 Notice Board
26 PoemSamuel Stevenson
28 TransitionsNori Sinclair
29 Around the Family
30 Notes from the Youth Editorial BoardSarah Hoggatt, Harriet Hart and Katrina McQuail
31 Last WordsErin McDougall

Year: 2010
Issue 3