The Canadian Friend, 2009 Issue #5

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Summer 2009

Volume 114, Number 5
Cultivating Peace – How Passive is Your Pacifism?

Cover of 2009 Issue 5In This Issue:

4 Letters to the Editor
5 Michael Overington Responds
6 John Hillman Responds
7 PoemsFrancis Howgill, Wilf Ruland, and Kenna Creer Manos
8 The Essential Roots of ViolenceBert Horwood
9 Peace With Our Place on the PlanetTony McQuail
10 Symposium in MontrealCarol Dixon
11 Ed Abbott’s Peace Testimony
13 How Passive is Your PacifismLinda Taffs
13 A New BeginningEpistle
14 Department of PeaceDick Preston
15 Accomplice to DeathDan Poisson
15 Book ReviewDonna Henningson
16 Why I LeftJamie K. Donaldson
17 Why I StayedAlan Rhodes
19 Program Committee ReportMargot Overington
19 The Future of Yearly Meeting?John Dixon and Margo Overington
20 Yonge Sreet Half Yearly MeetingGordon Thompson
21 Uranium Working Group ReportMarilyn Manzer
21 Film ReviewDean Johnson
22 Awkward Question No. 4Bert Horwood
23 Theorizing Violence to Illuminate WarRick McCutcheon
24 Ask Margaret Fell
24 Remembering Muriel Duckworth
25 Remembering Sandra Dean
25 Remembering Ross Alden
25 Around the Family
26 Quaker Book Service
26 Notice Board
27 Last WordsMeg Casey
27 Excerpt from Prayer for the New YearJeanne Lohmann

Year: 2009
Issue 5