The Canadian Friend, 2009 Issue #2

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May 2009

Volume 105, Number 2
“Sporadical” – Young Adult Friends Edition

Cover of 2009 Issue 2In This Issue:

5 Message from the EditorRebecca Ivanoff
5 How Lucky I AmKatrina McQuail
6 Living South of the BorderJaya Karsemeyer
8 Living as Friends, Listening WithinRavi Joshi
9 Quaker Youth Pilgrimage 2008Rachel Singleton-Polster
11 Following a Calling: an Interview with Liz WineRebecca Ivanoff
13 A Diverse Community Speaks Truth Into My LifeRebecca Ivanoff
15 Experiences That Have Made Me a FriendAmy Jean Singleton-Polster
16 The Words We Use: an Interview with Edith MadridRebecca Ivanoff
18 My Experiences of Quakers AbroadAden Spurr
19 Thoughts on a PilgrimageNori Sinclair
20 The Love of God: Drawing the Branches TogetherMicah Bales
22 Letter from Young Adult Friends Conference
23 An Open Letter on Friends United Meeting AffiliationKody Gabriel Hersh
25 Reflecting on Relocation and RenewalMaggie Knight
26 Quaker United Nations OrganizationFrancis Prescott

Year: 2009
Issue 2