The Canadian Friend, 2008 Issue #4

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Cover of 2008 Issue 4October 2008

Volume 104, Number 4
Reflections on CYM

In This Issue:

2 Editorial
4 Canadian Yearly Meeting Epistle 2008
5 UN Declaration of Rights of Indigenous People
6 First Time at CYMRosemary Meier
6-7 Life of the Programme CommitteeMargaret Overington
8 Thoughts From the Clerk – Dale Dewar
9 First Time at the Other Side of the TableAnne Mitchell
9 A Vignette of Meetings with the MicrophoneBill Curry
10 Reflections on my First CYMRobert Kirchner
11 Key LessonsBert Horwood
12 The Australia Project: Implications for CYMSusan and David Stevenson
13 Ecology at CYMArnold Ranneris
14 WhaleWatchingJay Cowsill
14 Vignette on the WayBill Curry
15 Only the Earth and the Sky – A SongDavid Greenfield
16 John Woolman and the ScripturesJane Zavitz-Bond
17 Bible / Quaker StudyArnold Ranneris
18 The Quaker Spirit, FUM and UsDavid Greenfield
19 Does CYM Belong in Friends United Meeting?Gale Wills
20 Reflections on FUMThomas Mathieson
21 Reflections on CYM GatheringSabre Peil
22 CYM Ecumenical Interfiath ReportBill Curry & Keith Maddock
23 Conflict in MeetingsMerdith Egan and Jon Karsemeyer
24 Vignette – AwayBill Curry
25 Youth Program Epistle
26 Letter from the General Secretary FGCBruce Brichard
27 Epistle from Young Friends
27-28 Reflection on CYMPeter Stevenson
29 Footnotes from the Canadian Quaker ArchivesJane Zavitz-Bond
30 Around the Family
31 Last WordLesley Robertson
31 Quaker Book Service

Year: 2008
Issue 4