The Canadian Friend, 2008 Issue #3

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Cover of 2008 Issue 3Summer 2008

Volume 104, Number 3

In This Issue:

2 Editorial
4 Come PassionDiana Mitchell
4 Speaking Truth to EmpowerDaisy E. Anderson
5 Book ReviewArnold Ranneris
6 Lessons in SharingJesse Husk
7 GiftsBill McMechan
7 Compassion/CompanionJanine Gagnier
8 The Golden RuleDiana Mitchell
8 Supporting Ageing Members of our MeetingCarol Leigh Wehking
10 From My Heart to Your Heart…Pashta MaryMoon
11 Lack of Forgiveness Can Affect Our HealthSheryl Walter
12 “What’s Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba…”Fiona McMurran
13 Book ReviewBimal Thambyah
13 “Everywhere I went …Dante”Carole Langille
14 Long Distance CallingMargaret Slavin
14 Questions of SurvivalGeorge Sanders
15 Excerpt from story…Michael Phillips
15 “…Endangered bird’s Prairie…”CBC News
16 I Shall Pass Though This World But OnceStephen de Grellet
16 The Prairie Ornithologist’s Lecture …Roger Davies
17 Greening CYM: Does it Matter?Beverly Shepard
18 FWCC Notice
18 Com “cat” sionJanine Gagnier
19 Compassion for a CatEdith Miller
20 C’nR ReportMarilyn Manzer and Susan Stevenson
21 Highlights of Western Half Yearly MeetingBob McInnes and Linda Hill
22 Report from the Quaker ArchivesJane Zavitz-Bond
22 Seventy Years Ago in The Canadian FriendKyle Joliffe
24 Around the Family
25 Advertisements
26/27 Photo spread of WHYM

Year: 2008
Issue 3