The Canadian Friend, 2006 Issue #2

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Personal Experience of Faith

Summer 2006
Volume 102, Number 2Cover of 2006 Issue 2

In This Issue:

2 From the Editor’s Desk
4 Opening ears and heartsEllen Pye
6 Victoria Monthly Meeting (VMM)Arnold Ranneris, Pashta Mary-Moon, and other VMM Friends
9 Some thoughts on Quaker “otherness”Kyle Joliffe
10 Why peace teams risk their livesLyn Adamson
11 Twelfth anniversary of Havana Quakers Unprogrammed GroupMercedes Soca Gil
12 Going in the right direction at a reasonable clipEd Abbott
13 Our 2006 Pre-CYM workshop stands outCarol Bradley
14 What Quakers believe — and sometimes do!Eric Schiller
16 From the Remonstrantse Kerk to the Religious Society of FriendsLies Smit
18 “Greening” Canadian Yearly Meeting in sessionCYM Programme Committee
20 Jesse and Peter’s bicycle tripJesse Thompson
21 Sylvia Graves named Interim FUM General Secretary
22 Encountering Elizabeth Fry: A poet’s reflectionJulie Robinson
25 Statistics about Quakers in the world
25 Apply for HMAC’s scholarship to attend Pendle Hill for eight days
25 Canadian Yearly Meeting listeners (for adult and young Friends)
26 Book reviewsBarbara Bucknall, Arnold Ranneris, June Etta Chenard
29 Letters to the editor
32 Quaker Book Service: new books
34 Around the Family
35 TrilliumsBev Shepard
36 Credits, Upcoming Themes, and Deadlines

Year: 2006
Issue 2