The Canadian Friend, 2006 Issue #1

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Hallowing Our Daily Lives

Summer 2006
Volume 102, Number 1Cover of 2006 Issue 1

In This Issue:

2 From the Editor’s Desk
4 Grammy, my greatest mentorAmy-Jean Polster
5 Wangari Maathai and Terry Tempest Williams: The connectionElaine C. Emmi
6 Some words of help from Sunderland P. GardnerKyle Jolliffe
7 Toronto Friends Meeting House in the news
8 Elbow grease with loveSheila Havard
10 Broom horses and Danish JewsGrace Wolf
11 gkisedtanamoogk, our neighbour and our friendSophie Bérubé
12 Some thoughts on a year at Pendle HillSharon MacDonald
14 PoetryCornelia Hoogland, Jack Ross, Beverly Shepard
15 Our debt to imaginationMichael Miller
15 PoetryZoltan Dienes
16 My answer to the question: What is or makes a Quaker?Siepko Lok
17 PoetryEva Lyman
18 Quaker food relief action in ZimbabweJohn Schmid
19 FWCC Annual Meeting (advertisement)
20 Book reviewsBert Horwood, Anthony Richmond, Sheila Brown, Andrew Gage
24 Quaker Book Service: New books
25 Progress report: Faith and Practice Development CommitteeMolly Walsh
25 Canadian Yearly Meeting listeners for adult and Young Friends
26 Family reunion, secret society, or faithful servant of the Yearly Meeting? A report on the fall 2005 Representative MeetingBev Shepard
27 Advertisements
28 Letters to the EditorSiepko Lok, Keith Maddock
29 How to avoid paying military taxes when you do your income tax
30 Around the Family
31 An appeal on behalf of The Canadian Friend
32 Credits, upcoming themes, and deadlines

Year: 2006
Issue 1