The Canadian Friend, 2005 Issue #5

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Living in the Spirit: Honouring the Earth

December 2005
Volume 101, Number 5Cover of 2005 Issue 5

4 Human – Earth  Spirit Relationship Catherine Verrall
6 Spiralling Forward: Quaker Ecology Action Network (QEAN)’s Dynamic Six-Year History Peggy Land
8 The Path We Are On: Excerpts from Quaker Writings
10 Bouncing between “I believe” and “I act” Lynne Phillips
11 When There Were Trees Nancy Willard
12 Quaker Institute for the Future  Summer Research Seminar Anne Mitchell
12 2002 Statement, World Health Organisation Gro Harlem Brundtland
13 What Is a Moral Economy? Quaker Institute for the Future
14 Learning to Love the World John Scull
15 Poem for the Flicker in the Ash Cornelia Hoogland
16 Ecosystem Restoration: Respecting that of God in Everything David Polster
17 John Woolman and the Earth Charter Bert Horwood
18 Report, Visions, and Strategies Sessions, Pre- CYM Workshop 2001
19 Wake Up, Lake Mountain! Lynne Phillips
20 We’ve Endorsed the Earth Charter, Now What? John Scull
20 How to Join the Quaker Ecology Action Network
21 A Discussion Group on Ecology Carmen Loiselle
21 The Prophets Among Us Carmen Loiselle
22 Eating Food, Taking Risks Tracey McCowan
23 Posting from the QEAN Web Discussion List, 22 June 2005 David Polster
23 Canadian Yearly Meeting Listeners (for Adults & for Young Friends)
24 Book Reviews Donald Alexander, Arnold Ranneris
26 Quaker Book Service: New Books
27 Letters to the Editor Bill Curry, Kitty Dunn
29 Simple Living at Pendle Hill Erika Koenig-Sheridan
30 Around the Family
32 Credits, Upcoming Themes, and Deadlines

Year: 2005
Issue 5