The Canadian Friend, 2005 Issue #4

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Canadian Yearly Meeting in session, 2005

Sept-Oct 2005
Volume 101, Number 4Cover of 2005 Issue 4

4 Discernment and Unity at Yearly Meeting of Ministry and Counsel Bruce Dienes and Marilyn Manzer
5 Minute Approved at Closed Session of Yearly Meeting of Ministry and Counsel, 17th of 8th Month 2005
5 CYM, Synergy, Synchronicity Lynne Phillips
6 Faithful Lives: Pre-CYM Workshop Molly Walsh
7 Experience of the Spirit in our Lives Virginia Dawson
8 Young Friends World Gathering Epistle
9 Young Friends of Canada Kyle Jolliffe
10 Some Photos from CYM
11 Is Saving Seed a Human Right? Keith Helmuth
14 More Photos from CYM
15 Playing with God: An Exciting Experience June-Etta Chenard
16 Special Interest Groups: Peace; Quaker Ecology Action Network Bill Currie
17 The Earth Charter Reconsidered Bert Horwood
18 Canadian Yearly Meeting Listeners (for Adults & for Young Friends)
19 Seeing Ourselves in a Broader Context Robert Cosbey
20 An Experience in Bringing Quaker Worship to Musical Performance Peter Stevenson
21 Still Saying No to War Greg Barnes
22 CYM First-Timer Report Gordon Thompson
23 The Teacher Within: A Reflection on Faith and the Universal Way Keith R. Maddock
25 My Time at Pendle Hill in April 2005 Rose Marie Cipryk
26 Letters to the Editor Angie Clark
27 Neither Constant nor Variable Jon Karsemeyer
29 News from C’nR: Check This Out!!! Marilyn Manzer
30 Around the Family
32 Credits, Upcoming Themes, and Deadlines

Year: 2005
Issue 4