The Canadian Friend, 2005 Issue #3

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50 Years as a United Yearly Meeting

July 2005
Volume 101, Number 3

Cover of 2005 Issue 3In This Issue:

4 Three Yearly Meetings in Canada Prior to 1955 June-Etta Chenard
5 Steps to the 1955 Unification Kathleen Hertzberg
6 Memories of a Conservative Friend Stuart Starr
7 What is this echo Alison Lohans
8 Narrowness and Union Gordon McClure
9 1955 Epistles of Canadian Yearly Meeting
10 A Pelham Quaker in the ’50s Barbara Smith
11 Thoughts on Healing and Diversity Margaret Clayton-Chapman
12 Pickering College: Site of Canadian Quaker Reunification Canadian Yearly Meeting Archives staff and volunteers
14 Universal WHAT? Lynne Phillips
15 Images from Canadian Yearly Meeting 2004 Donald Alexander
15 Images from Early Days of Ottawa Monthly Meeting Betty Page
16 Unity Margaret Slavin
18 Getting Out Quaker News Long Before The Canadian Friend Kyle Jolliffe
19 Journey of a Pagan Quaker Susan Dew-Jones
21 Reconsidering the Earth Charter Yonge Street Monthly Meeting
22 A History of Pelham Executive Meeting
23 The Quaker Peace Testimony in the 21st Century Anthony H. Richmond
25 History Changers Ed Abbott
26 Planting a Seed in Ghana and Canada David Stott
28 Spiritual Work at the Edge of Certainty Bea Chapman
28 Listeners of Canadian Yearly Meeting
29 Reading Matters David McKay
30 Book Reviews Dana Mullen, June-Etta Chenard
32 Quaker Book Service: Recent Additions
33 Classified Advertisements
34 Around the Family
36 Credits, Upcoming Themes, and Deadlines

Year: 2005
Issue 3