The Canadian Friend, 2004 Issue #5

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Friends & Money

December 2004
Volume 100, Number 5Cover of 2004 Issue 5

In This Issue:

Cover photo: Canadian Yearly Meeting in session, 2004
by Donald Alexander, Pelham Executive Meeting

4 Spirituality and Falling Incomes: Involuntary Simplicity, Bernard Schulmann
5 The Grey Rain Falling, Beverly Shepard
6 Sometimes a Share is More Than a Share, Kristin Lord,
8 Paying Our Way – An Example from Ottawa Monthly Meeting, Rose Mae Harkness
9 Three Hundred Words & Six Thousand Numbers, Dan Poisson
10 Environmental and Social Responsibility Tools, Adrian Dolling
11 What Would You Want Me To Do If He Was Your Son? Joy Newall
13 A Look Backwards at Montreal Monthly Meeting, Molly Walsh
15 Petit à petit: l’oiseau fait son nid, Chantal Fournier
16 Epistle from Young Adult Friends’ Fall Retreat
17 Camp NeeKauNis
18 Response to Declan Hill’s Challenge to Canadian Friends, Kathleen Hertzberg
19 Balancing – The Canadian Friend Budget
20 Considering a Canadian Civilian Peace Service, Sybil Grace
21 Conscientious Objection to Military Taxation
22 FUM Personnel Policy and Some Resultant Correspondence
24 Fresh from God, Carol Leigh Wehking
26 Book Reviews, Dana Mullen, Barbara J. Bucknall, Keith R. Maddock
28 Prayer Wheels, Maida Follini
29 Quaker Book Service: Recent Arrivals
30 Listeners of Canadian Yearly Meeting
31 Interviews from Western Half-Yearly Meeting, Noah Garver & Colleen Holloran
32 Spirit-Led Activism: A Workshop at FGC Gathering, Reykia Fick
33 St. Lawrence Regional Gathering, October, 2004, Linda Cameron
34 Around the Family
36 Themes, Deadlines, and Queries for Upcoming Issues

Year: 2004
Issue 5