The Canadian Friend, 2004 Issue #4

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Canadian Yearly Meeting 2004

October 2004
Volume 100, Number 4

In This Issue:Cover of 2004 Issue 4

4 Where Am I? Susan Stevenson
5 Lessons from Silence Margaret Slavin
6 Bible Study with Janet Ross Jacqueline Karsemeyer
7 Sexual Harassment and Abuse Minute (Closed meeting of YMM&C)
7 Reflections on the Healing Power of Prayer Gini Smith
8 How We Add Injury to Victims of Sexual Abuse Marilyn Manzer
9 Unity among Friends Gordon McClure
11 CYM Minute of Record re: Abuse of prisoners
11 Finding my Place with Friends Jean Morse
12 The River of God and Canadian Yearly Meeting Bert Horwood
12 Spirit of the Place Jasmine Land
14 Report on Keith Helmuth’s Sunderland P. Gardiner Lecture Edith Miller
14 Photos of some Canadian Friends at CYM 2004
15 A Summer Holiday at CYM: Lingering Images Rose Mae Harkness
15 Responses to the CF Readership Survey
16 Jerusalem Songs (Come Together; Broken Branches) Laurel Dee Gugler
17 Quaker Youth Pilgrimage Report Amy-Jean Singleton Polster, Catherine Hope, Sandy Zelazny
18 Epistles from Canadian Yearly Meeting 2004
21 CYM Food Co-op 2004: Minute and Report Report by John Calder
22 Special Interest Group Report on Palestine Maxine Kauffman-Lacusta
24 Strange Bedfellows Robert Smith-Jones
23 Living in Community Donald Bowyer
24 Gleanings
25 Message of appreciation Suzette Wollinger
25 Canadian Yearly Meeting National Listeners
26 Quaker Book Service: Recent Arrivals
27 Obituary: Edith Janet Adamson (1913 — 2004)
28 Book Reviews Keith R. Maddock, Jo Vallentine, June Etta Chenard
31 Columbus Day Queries Janeal Turnbull-Ravndal
32 Letters to the Editor
33 More Friendly Faces from CYM 2004
34 Around the Family 

Year: 2004
Issue 4