The Canadian Friend, 2004 Issue #3

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July-August 2004

Volume 100, Number 3Cover of 2004 Issue 3

In This Issue:

4 Diversity: Is There Enough Evidence to Convict Quakers? Lynne Phillips
5 The Web of Faith Has Many Weavers Sarah Chandler
7 Dans quelle langue respirait ta grand-mère? In what language did your grandmother breathe? Sophie Bérubé
8 Tiger Clive Doucet
9 Walking in the Light Miriam Maxcy
10 That of God in Every Byte Gabriel Gosselin
11 Turmoil in the House of Abraham Laurel Dee Gugler
12 Seeking, Leaving and Finding Marilyn and Harrison Roper
14 Becoming a Friend Jack Ross
15 Two Yearly Meetings? Margaret Slavin
19 News from Baghdad, 10 April 2004 (continued from Vol. 100 #2) Jane McKay-Wright
20 Book Reviews  Margaret Slavin; June Etta Chenard
22 Images of the Blessed Darkness June Etta Chenard
23 Two Historical Quaker Weddings
24 Friends Ways: A New Curriculum for Self-Directed Seekers and Learners Canadian Yearly Meeting Religious Education Committee
25 The Clerking Corner: FGConnections June Etta Chenard
27 Imagine: Quaker International Affairs Committee Report Sarah Chandler
28 Faith and Practice Development Committee Report Molly Walsh
29 St. Lawrence Area Regional Gathering: Report on Uganda Projects Claire Adamson
30 Around the Family
Themes, Deadlines and Queries for Upcoming Issues 32

Year: 2004
Issue 3