The Canadian Friend, 2004 Issue #2

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May 2004

Volume 100, Number 2
Why I Am a Member of the Religious Society of Friends:
What Makes a Quaker a Quaker?

In This Issue:

4 Taking the Long Road toCover of 2004 Issue 2 Membership Dana Mullen
5 Membership Implies a Desire to Enter Joyfully Nori Sinclair
6 Queries about Creative Gifts Margaret Slavin
7 Of Carrots and Belief System Pies: Why I Am a Quaker Molly Walsh
8 For All These Reasons, That’s Why I Am a Quaker Dan Poisson
9 Faith and Practice in the Spiritual Formation of Friends Arnold Ranneris
Linking Torah: Finding the Way Home 10 Keith Maddock
13 It Is Almost the Season Declan Hill
15 A Request for CYM Friends Reflecting on Diversity Friends World Committee for Consultation
16 Susan Bax Memorial Fund for Women Travelling in the Ministry Friends World Committee for Consultation
17 Responsibility to Resist Margaret Slavin and Rose Marie Cipryk
18 The Life of Kathleen Amy Starr as Recalled by Her Siblings Margaret, Edwin and Mark Abbott
20 Me, a Quaker Pastor? Anne Thomas
23 “Renewing the Sacred Balance” Campaign Linda Foy
24 Highlights from HMAC’s Spring Meeting Bert Horwood
26 Book Reviews Barbara Bucknall, Bea Chapman, Chuck Fager, Brent Bowyer, Kathleen Hertzberg
30 News from Baghdad, 10 April 2004 Jane McKay-Wright
32 Letter to the Editor Peter McClure
32 Margaret Slavin’s Travels in the Ministry
33 The Clerking Corner: Phases of a Typical Quaker Business Meeting June Etta Chenard
34 Around the Family
36 Themes, Deadlines and Queries for Upcoming Issues 

Year: 2004
Issue 2