The Canadian Friend, 2004 Issue #1

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Summer 2004Cover of 2004 Issue 1

Volume 100, Number 1
Cover photo: Jane Zavitz-Bond

4 Vigil at the School of the Americas Don Bowyer
5 Young Adult Friends Retreat Epistle
6 A History of Penn’s Field NB (from an 1893 newspaper) Margaret McClure and Vince Zelazny
7 Writing and Peace—Is Writing Work? Margaret Slavin
8 A Letter to Canadian Friends Chuck Fager
11 The Role of Faith in Healing the Trauma of Childhood Abuse Wendy Read
12 Sermon in Providence Bay United Church Jane McKay-Wright
14 Taking to the Streets Bert Horwood
15 A Left-Handed Life Michael Phillips
16 Awakening Keith Maddock
16 Apart Janeal Ravndal
17 Sympathetic Attender of Quaker Meetings Catherine Raine
18 A Great Canadian Friend’s Myth  Meredith Egan
19 What Do All These Committees Do? (Corrected Information) Marilyn Manzer and Steve Fick for CYM Nominating Committee
21 FWCC: Reflections from my First Year as CYM Representative Shauna Curry
22 Book Reviews Barbara J. Bucknall, Jim Adamson, Rose Marie Cipryk, Arnold Ranneris
25 Sing and Rejoice and Have Hope: American and Canadian Friends Rose Mae Harkness
26 The Clerking Corner: Phases of a typical Quaker business meeting June Etta Chenard
27 Camp NeeKauNis summer camps information
28 Readership Survey
29 Memorial Minute: Elaine Florence Wood (Horst)
29 Progress Report from the Faith and Practice Development Committee Molly Walsh
30 Around the Family
32 Themes, Deadlines and Queries for Upcoming Issues 

Year: 2004
Issue 1