The Canadian Friend, 2003 Issue #5

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Facets of Outreach

Summer 2003
Volume 99, Number 5Cover of 2003 Issue 5

4 The Changing Face of Friends in Canada from 1963 to 2002 Bernard Schulmann
7 Workshop on Outreach Anne Thomas
8 Building the Blessed Community Sherita Clarke
9 More (Quaker) Leaven in the Lump Ian Graham
11 The Wolf Shall Live with the Lamb Donald Laitin
12 Fool’s Outreach Programme Jack Ross
13 Reflections on Outreach, and the Gift to Canadian Yearly Meeting Members of the Ad Hoc Committee to Disburse the Gift to YM
14 Quakers Believe Anyone Can Have Direct Experience of God Lesley Read
15 One Meeting’s Experience with Outreach (Hamilton 1999-2002)  Hamilton Monthly Meeting Outreach Committee
17 What Do All These Committees Do? Marilyn Manzer and Steve Fick, for the CYM Nominating Committee
19 Some Contributors to this Issue
20 Reaching In To Reach Out Gale Wills
21 Together We Can Do It
22 Canadian Friends Service Committee Individual Grants Jessie Starling
23 Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the CYM Gift for Outreach
24 I Woke Up One Morning Miriam Maxcy
25 Care to Care Project Report
25 And…More Contributors to This Issue
26 Welcome to World Gathering Betsy Blake
27 Ferhana Rose Marie Cipryk
28 A Friend Is Travelling in the Ministry Margaret Slavin
29 Pendle Hill Welcomes God Dorothy Janes
30 Book Review: “Voyageurs” Paul Lindesay
34 Canadian Yearly Meeting Listeners
35 Clerking Corner June Etta Chenard
36 A First Day School Experience Helen Brink
36 The Archives Corner Jane Zavitz-Bond
37 Letters to the Editor
38 Around the Family 

Year: 2003
Issue 5