The Canadian Friend, 2003 Issue #4

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Images of the Balance of Canadian Yearly Meeting 2003

Summer 2003
Volume 99, Number 4

In This Issue:Cover of 2003 Issue 4

4 Experience of the Spirit in Our Lives June Etta Chenard
6 A Contemplative Approach to Scripture Lynne Phillips
7 Growing Within the Light of a Loving Community Rebecca Ivanoff
8 CYM Food Co-op Donald Alexander
9 Minute of Record: Recognition of the marriage of same-sex couples
10 Mr. Saddam’s Neighbourhood Declan Hill
11 Teen Work Camp Don Bowyer
12 Quiet Processes and Small Circles Anne-Marie Zilliacus
13 Introducing the New Business Manager of The Canadian Friend Daphne Davey
14 Bev Shepard Talks Dirty Bev Shepard
17 Canadian Yearly Meeting: Images of 2003
18 Ongoing Revelation Ed Abbott
19 Quandaries of a Quaker Teacher Brent Bowyer
20 QEAN: Accomplishments and New Directions for 2003/2004 Lynne Phillips
22 The Graceful Man Jack Ross
24 Book Reviews K.R. Maddock; M. Walsh; R. Nunn; G. Wlash; L. Turina
27 CYM Statement regarding Canada’s anti-terrorism legislation
28 Report: Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Internat. Trade Consultations Tuulia Law and Linda Cameron (Quaker Aboriginal Affairs Committee)
Snapshots from Atlantic Friends Gathering, Spring 2003 30 Daphne Davey
31 Western Half-Yearly Meeting Report, Spring 2003 Arnold Ranneris
32 More Images of Canadian Yearly Meeting
32 Letter to the Editor Carol Bradley
35 Memorial Minute: Martin Ludwig Cohnstaedt
36 The Clerking Corner June Etta Chenard
37 CYM 2003: Lost and Found Susan Starr
38 Around the Family 


Year: 2003
Issue 4