The Canadian Friend, 2003 Issue #3

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In the Name of God:Cover of 2003 Issue 3
Listening in Tongues

August 2003
Volume 99, Number 3

In This Issue:

4 Learning to Pray: Queries for Religious Education Keith R. Maddock
7 Some Friends You May Meet at Canadian Yearly Meeting 2003
8 What Is the Moral Assignment? (Part Two) Keith Helmuth
11 What Do You Do at Meeting? Rachael Maxcy
12 Quaker Ecology Action Network (QEAN) Bryan Dragon
14 Two Poems Janeal Turnbull Ravndal
15 Birth of a Pamphlet Bert Horwood
16 Iraq Medical Aid Project (IMAP)
17 Reflecting on Hostility Towards Christocentric Language Rob Hughes
18 Am I the Only One Here? Katie Vaux
19 Lit from the Same Flame: Reaching Out to Friends in Uganda Rosemary and Bill McMechan
20 Quaker Book Service: New Titles
23 Canadian Yearly Meeting National Listeners
24 Letters to the Editor
25 The Clerking Corner June Etta Chenard
26 Representative Meeting, Spring Report Catherine von Schulmann
27 Testimony to Grace of God in Life of Eleanor Segel
28 Jeremy Christopher Morse (1955-2002)
30 For Friends Who Love Chocolate
30 Update from The Canadian Friend
31 Around the Family
Insert:  Quaker Book Service Catalogue, 2003


Year: 2003
Issue 3