The Canadian Friend, 2003 Issue #1

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What Canst Thou Say About Travelling, Friend?

March 2003 Volume 99, Number 1

In This Issue:Cover of 2003 Issue 1

4 Dilemmas of Travel for Canadian Friends Vince Zelazny
6 Friends General Conference’s Traveling in the Ministries Program Deborah Fisch
7 Reflection: Basrah, Iraq, October 30, 2002 Jane McKay-Wright
8 A Quaker Salute to Soldiers in Nasiriyah Richard McCutcheon
9 Presente Jack Ross
10 Remembrance of War, Dedication to Peace Rob and Janet Nunn
12 Patenting of Higher Life Forms in Canada Anne Mitchell
13 Newfoundland Ho! Daphne Davey
15 Sing and Rejoice: The Role of Song in Friends Meetings Patricia Morrison
16 Foundations of our Faith Anne-Marie Zilliacus
17 Small Seeds of Change Sue Starr
18 Praying for Peace and Paying for War? Tony McQuail
20 The Latest from the World Council of Churches Ellen Pye
21 Conditions Jon Karsemeyer
22 Determination to Heal E. Daisy Anderson
23 Anti-Terrorist Legislation: How May It Affect Us? Helen Close
24 Finding the Glory Within Lynne Phillips
25 Gabriel Gosselin at the St. Catharines Library Rose Marie Cipryk
26 Quaker Book Service: New Additions
28 Canadian Yearly Meeting National Listeners
29 The Threshing Corner
30 Questions and Concerns of the Canadian Yearly Meeting Treasurer Dan Poisson
31 FGC Consultation: Calling Forth and Nurturing Gifts of Ministry Rachael Maxcy
32 Representative Meeting Report Marilyn Church and Arnold Ranneris
34 Around the Family
35 Events 

Year: 2003
Issue 1