The function of the Program Committee is described in Organization & Procedure, section 6.21:

Programme Committee has two major functions: to serve as a planning and oversight Committee for
the annual sessions of Canadian Yearly Meeting; and to act as a coordinating body for the different
groups who have responsibility for the various aspects of the Yearly Meeting sessions. The committee
responds to direction from Yearly Meeting and Representative Meeting.

The planning and oversight responsibilities include site selection, liaison with the site’s
administrators, local arrangements, publicity, scheduling of daily events, arrangements for the
Sunderland P. Gardner lecture, and Bible and Quaker study, taking into account evaluations of previous
Yearly Meeting programmes. Advanced planning is required for tasks such as selection of the site (with
consideration of the needs of campers and the food coop) and arrangements for the Sunderland P.
Gardner lecture.

Program Committee may be contacted by emailing .

Program Committee administers the Yearly Meeting in Session website.