Donate to help CYM provide services that ground, uplift, and renew our Quaker faith.  Read the annual appeal 2022 from the CYM Clerk below and see how you can donate. You can also read and print a pdf version with the donation form included.

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Letter from the Clerk of CYM

Dear Friends,

I often page through Canadian Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice looking for a passage that will speak to my condition. This morning a photograph of a rugged mountain reminded me of an excerpt written by Bill McMechan that I read when I need guidance and perspective.

“There is a place in the ascent of the mountain where the climbers meet. It is not far from the summit, but at that point there is a unity in accomplishment … Things that were important at lower altitudes – language, techniques, dress, and so on, fall away and a unifying sense of humility and privilege prevails”

I’ll leave you to explore this text (no. 1.112 on p. 52) and others.

Canadian Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice contains a wealth of writing by Friends in Canada and abroad that can renew and guide one’s faith, just as Bill’s writing often helps me. Climbers ascending a mountain need gear, technique, and support. Similarly, the services that Canadian Yearly Meeting (CYM) provides – including Faith and Practice – help to support, guide, and deepen our faith, and provide a unifying sense of community for Canadian Friends.

Our primary experiences of Quakerism and our activities as Friends focus on monthly meetings and worship groups, but you and I also have the larger Quaker community in common. We share a desire to live faithfully and to show what the path of love can do.

Will you help CYM to provide services that ground, uplift, and renew our Quaker faith?

Your support over the past year has helped CYM in many ways. CYM held an online Yearly Meeting Gathering – the third since the onset of the pandemic. A monthly e-Newsletter and two issues of The Canadian Friend were distributed. Several courses were offered, and two Quaker Learning series pamphlets are in the works. CYM Representatives attended meetings of other Quaker and ecumenical bodies, and the Canadian Quaker Library and Archives reopened with a full-time archivist.

We are excited about the coming year. The CYM General Secretary-Treasurer, Tasmin Rajotte, and the CYM Office Coordinator, Eva Lacelle, are working with CYM committees and clerks to establish systems to improve future services. Starting in 2023 a new communications coordinator will enhance courses, publications, and events, and planning has already begun for a hybrid Yearly Meeting Gathering in Winnipeg.

The transitions currently underway will allow CYM to function more effectively, linking Friends in monthly meetings and worship groups across Canada and providing services that will help to nourish and renew our Quaker faith.

Your help is needed now to ensure that CYM will be here for future generations. I ask that you please consider donating to CYM today. If you are already a monthly donor, thank you for your continued support.

CYM is here today because of the support and service of Friends and attenders like you. We thank you!

Your continuing generosity will help to replenish the faith and hope needed to ascend the different kinds of mountains we face in these turbulent times.

With love and in Friendship,
Ruth Pincoe
Presiding Clerk, Canadian Yearly Meeting

PS:  Please remember that every single gift, large or small, makes a huge difference. Your gift helps with tending to the beloved community. Help to show the path of love. Thank you!

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Note that to receive a 2022 tax receipt, e-transfers must be received before 11:59 pm, 31 December 2022.
Donations sent by mail must be postmarked by 31 December.