Workshop on Diversity & Inclusion

Registration is now open for “Diversity & Inclusion in Quaker Practice” a 3-part spirit-led workshop series that will run on April 30, May 7, and May 14.  The workshop is offered by Canadian Yearly Meeting’s Education & Outreach Committee and facilitated by Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in the United Kingdom.

The workshop’s facilitators will support participants in having important and challenging conversations, with the goal of transforming our Quaker Meetings into truly welcoming spaces. We will reflect upon and learn from some of the times when Quakers have failed to be fully inclusive. Participants will be encouraged to explore the power that we do and don’t have, and learn about ‘intersectionality’ (i.e., how different forms of oppression interweave, and cannot be untangled from each other). We will discuss how differences can make us feel uncomfortable, and why it is important to address that discomfort rather than avoid it. Finally, we will reflect on  next steps you can take to make your Meeting more inclusive.

The cost is $50, with some financial assistance available.

To register and for more information, see the workshop’s Registration Form.