Visits to Quaker Meetings: CYM needs short-term coordinator; deadline March 8 to apply.

Education and Outreach Committee (E&O) of Canadian Yearly Meeting invites applications from qualified persons who are active members or attenders of a meeting in Canada to facilitate visitation among Canadian Friends. This is a part-time contract position of 20 hours per month from 1 April to 31 December, 2014. E&O seeks applicants who are familiar with the Canadian Quaker community, highly organized, good communicators, and self-starters. Applicants must be able to work independently to achieve the goals of the Visitation Program which is underway and described in the newsletter. This position may involve some travel within Canada, but would be largely carried out by phone and online at the contractor’s premises. Contractor fees will be negotiated with E&O committee and based on training, experience, and CYM contract policies. The work is as follows:

  1. Continue the visitation program begun by the Quaker Education Program Co-ordinator.
  2. Maintain and augment, as appropriate, the list which has been compiled of potential visitors in CYM describing their gifts and ministry.
  3. Talk to meetings within CYM about how things are going and what a visitor could bring to a meeting.
  4. Make connections between meetings.
  5. Contact monthly meeting clerks to promote visitation programming.
  6. Assist with arranging visits. This may include arranging finances, travel arrangements, finding a travel companion, etc.
  7. Decide, in consultation with the E&O Visitation subcommittee, how to allot funding assistance for visitors which has been budgetted by E&O at $2000 per annum per region (east, west, central).
  8. Follow up the visits by communicating with the visitors and the visited for the purpose of improving the program and encouraging and compiling documentation in the form of reports, articles, blogs etc., some of which may be more widely shared with Canadian Friends.
  9. Maintain regular conversation with visitors.
  10. Report, blog, write articles about the visitation program.
  11. Get people to talk about their experiences of visitation.
  12. Consult via email, telephone, or skype as necessary with the Education and Outreach Visitation Program Sub-committee as the work proceeds and make regular reports to this sub-committee.
  13. Keep detailed records of contacts made in performing this work so that the Education and Outreach Committee and future contractors or employees can follow up the work.

To apply for this position, please send a letter of application stating why you would like this job, a resume, and three references by 8 March 2014 to .