Overcoming Distance

Dear Friends in Canada,

During this strange time of anxiety and isolation, we invite Friends to participate in a community-building exercise by sending to our Canadian Quakers Facebook page your personal experiences (pictures and/or short descriptions) of your worship activities during this time of disconnection.  

How are you coping with Covid-19 and the fallout from this interruption?
How are you staying connected with Friends and with the Divine?
What continues to give you strength and hope in the face of these challenges?

Please also feel free to share with each other the ways in which your local meetings are continuing to keep faith and community despite our “shared isolation.”

From your Friends on Continuing Meeting of Ministry and Counsel
Jeff Dudiak, Charles Brown, Maria Recchia and Erika Koenig-Sheridan

Note from the Web Editor: Friends looking to host Meetings for Worship online – and other Quaker gatherings, perhaps – will probably find this guide helpful.