Mark Your Calendar – Yearly Meeting 2019

In 2019, Canadian Yearly Meeting will be held August 2-10, at Canadian Mennonite University, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Canadian Yearly Meeting (CYM) is a gathering once a year for all Canadian Quakers. Its Business Meetings are the main decision-making body of Quakers in Canada.

There’s also lots of time for fun and games, and sessions focusing on spiritual development, social justice, and Quaker history.

Registration – and scads of information – will be posted here once it’s available.  

For those who really love planning ahead:

Yearly Meeting 2020 will take place August 7-15 at Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg, MB.
Yearly Meeting 2021 will take place August 6-14 at Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg, MB.