Financial Support for Quaker Learning

Dear Friends:

It’s a new year and time for you to dream and plan for your year ahead. The Education and Outreach (E&O) Committee would like for you to consider using Candian Yearly Meeting grants and loans for your own Quaker learning. Have you longed to go to Pendle Hill? Do you need help to attend a Quaker conference?

Learn more about Quaker Funding.

Things to Note:

  • E&O will be considering applications at our face-to-face meeting on April 19-22, 2018 in Victoria and would like to hear from applicants by April 15, 2018. (However, we are able to receive applications year-round). Pendle Hill grant applications need to be in by April.

You will need a Minute of Support from your Monthly Meeting. Not only will this minute provide you with clearness and support for your leading, but the Meeting may also choose to offer additional funding.

Please send in your application even if your Meeting does not meet in time for their minute of support to be sent with your application before our April 20 meeting. The committee is able to make conditional approvals, dependent upon receipt of minutes of support.

Check out the application and grant information online.
Read reports from Friends who attended previous educational events, and other grant recipient reports.



Mail: E&O Grants and Loans Officer
c/o Canadian Yearly Meeting
91A Fourth Ave.
Ottawa, ON K1S 2L1

News is coming soon about family and Young Friends support to go to Yearly Meeting.

Consider, discern, and look at our grants and loans.

In Friendship,
Leigh Turina
Grants and Loans Officer, Education and Outreach Committee, Canadian Yearly Meeting