Education and Outreach Committee (E&O) is requesting proposals for the development of on-line courses.

November 5, 2015.


E&O has been offering the two courses designed by our former Quaker Education Program Co-ordinator – Introduction to Quakers and Friends’ Ways and Being Peace, Being Quaker. Participants have been suggesting topics for new courses such as: the Quaker testimonies, the mystical foundations of Quakerism, exploring Quaker journals, spiritual resources in Faith and Practice, Christ-centred Quakers, spiritual discernment, Bible passages that form the foundation of Friends’ faith. Perhaps you have another idea! We are asking Canadian Friends to make us a proposal for a course you will develop.

What title will you give your course?

How would you “advertise” it? i.e. Give a short description of the content.

What qualifications do you have for designing it?

How many sessions will your course take at 1.5 to 2 hours per session (we suggest not more than six)?

How many hours will it take for you to design it?

Are you willing to design it for $35 per hour?

When can you do the work? (E&O would like to have it completed between January and March 2016, but can consider later times if necessary.)

Send your proposals to by December 1, 2015.