CYM Clerk

May 1, 2017

Dear Friends

I am writing to let you know that Nancy McInnes, who has been serving as Presiding Clerk of Canadian Yearly Meeting, has felt the need to step down from this role effective immediately.  I want to express our thanks to Nancy for the service that she has given to CYM!  Nancy is happy for Friends to be in touch with her about this should they so desire, including at Western Half-Yearly Meeting later this month that she is planning to attend.

I will continue serving as Mentoring Clerk, assuming all the clerking responsibilities at this time with the support of Barbara Horvath, Clerk of Trustees and Anne-Marie Zilliacus, Treasurer of CYM, both of whom serve on the Committee of Clerks.

At this time no names have come forward to Nominating Committee for the role of Incoming Clerk.  Please hold this matter in the Light, and undertake careful discernment to see if there is anyone in your Meeting who may be led to do this service at this time or within the next year.  I have offered to CYM to extend my term of service as Mentoring Clerk for a year.  However, if this is accepted we will need to find Incoming Clerks for both 2017 and 2018.  Names may be forwarded to Heidi Dick, Clerk of Nominating Committee at .

Please hold us all in the Light as we move through this transition, but especially Nancy as she moves on.

Yours in peace

Elaine Bishop

Mentoring Clerk